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    Frequently asked questions about copyright registration
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    Which works can apply for copyright?

    All kinds of works stipulated in Article 3 of my country's Copyright Law can apply for registration. Including: literary works; oral works; artistic works; fine arts, architectural works; photographic works; film works and works created in a similar way to filming movies; graphic works and model works such as design drawings, maps, and diagrams; computer software; legal, Other works stipulated by administrative regulations.

    How long is the statute of limitations for copyright

    A. The protection period for the above rights of citizens' works is the life of the author and fifty years after his death, and ends on December 31 of the fifty year after the death of the author.

    B. The term of protection for the above rights of citizen cooperative works is the life of the author and fifty years after his death, and ends on December 31 of the fifty year after the death of the deceased author.

    C. Works of legal persons or other organizations, copyrights (except for attribution rights). The term of protection for the above-mentioned rights of service works enjoyed by legal persons or other organizations is 50 years, and ends on December 31 of the fiftieth year after the publication of the work, but Works that have not been published within 50 years after their creation will no longer be protected.

    Are there any requirements for the number of words in the registration of written works?

    There is no official requirement, but in practice, it is generally required to be 60 characters or more, except for special forms of written works (such as ancient poems, poems, lyrics, etc.).

    What is the scope of software copyright protection?

    The scope of software copyright protection is the expression of the program and its technical documents, that is, the expression of the protected sentence sequence or instruction sequence and the expression of the text description of the software, without extending the thought, processing, operation method or mathematical concept used in the development of the software. .

    What types of intellectual property
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    1. Copyright and Industrial Property

    Intellectual property is the ownership of the results of intellectual labor. It is the exclusive right granted to qualified authors and inventors or owners of results within a certain period of time in accordance with the laws of various countries.

    It has two categories: one is copyright (also called copyright, literary property), and the other is industrial property (also called industrial property).

    (1) Copyright

    Copyright, also known as copyright, refers to the general term for the property rights and moral rights enjoyed by natural persons, legal persons, or other organizations over literary, artistic, and scientific works in accordance with the law. It mainly includes copyright and related rights related to copyright; usually, the intellectual property rights we refer to mainly refer to computer software copyright and work registration.

    (2) Industrial property rights

    Industrial property rights refer to an intangible property right of practical economic significance in industry, commerce, agriculture, forestry and other industries. From this point of view, the name "industrial property rights" is more appropriate. Mainly include patent rights and trademark rights.

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