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What types of intellectual property

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1. Copyright and Industrial Property

Intellectual property is the ownership of the results of intellectual labor. It is the exclusive right granted to qualified authors and inventors or owners of results within a certain period of time in accordance with the laws of various countries.

It has two categories: one is copyright (also called copyright, literary property), and the other is industrial property (also called industrial property).

(1) Copyright

Copyright, also known as copyright, refers to the general term for the property rights and moral rights enjoyed by natural persons, legal persons, or other organizations over literary, artistic, and scientific works in accordance with the law. It mainly includes copyright and related rights related to copyright; usually, the intellectual property rights we refer to mainly refer to computer software copyright and work registration.

(2) Industrial property rights

Industrial property rights refer to an intangible property right of practical economic significance in industry, commerce, agriculture, forestry and other industries. From this point of view, the name "industrial property rights" is more appropriate. Mainly include patent rights and trademark rights.

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